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    Baojufeng participated the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services

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    Mutual benefit and sharing of global services


    From September 4 to 9, the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services was held in Beijing. Zhengzhou Baojufeng Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baojufeng") participated in the exhibition as the representative of intelligent terminal enterprises in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone of Henan Province Trading Group.

    This novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first major international economic and trade activity held in the next line after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. It is an important measure to activate growth momentum and promote the development of service trade in a special period. It is an important platform for deepening investment cooperation in service industry and promoting a new round of high-level opening up. It is a coordinated development of epidemic prevention and control, economic and social development, and a powerful grasp of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees".

    The holding of this trade fair is conducive to show the world China's faith and determination to unswervingly expand its opening up to the outside world under the current international and domestic situation, and promote China's opening up to a higher level. In accordance with the development trend of digitalization, networking and intellectualization, we should work together to eliminate the "digital divide", boost the process of digitalization of service trade, and develop new forms and modes of service trade. China has actively expanded the opening-up of the service industry market and carried out innovative development pilot projects of service trade to continuously expand the scale of service trade and enhance its competitiveness.

    Since 2012, the service trade fair has been successfully held for six times, becoming the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global service trade and the leading exhibition in the field of service trade in China. Together with China International Import Expo and The China Import and Export Fair,jointly constitute the three exhibition platforms of China's opening up, which are the comprehensive development of "made in China" and "China service", and the exhibition of import potential and export advantages.


    Henan trade group has achieved fruitful results


    Henan is one of the theme provinces of the 2020 service trade fair. The theme of the exhibition is "Henan creative, brilliant Central Plains". Henan trade group registered more than 620 online and offline exhibitors, and more than 3800 participants, ranking first in China. During the service trade fair, Henan trade delegation also held exhibition activities to show the development achievements of Henan service trade in an all-round way; Henan Province theme day service trade promotion and negotiation conference built a platform for opening up and cooperation of Henan service trade.

    Contract signing of Baojufeng Supply Chain Project


    On the afternoon of September 5th, Henan Theme Day Seminar for Trade in Services, 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services was held at the Marco Polo Parkside Hotel in Beijing,30 service trade and major investment promotion projects were signed at the conference.As one of the three on-site contract signing projects reported by the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Shenzhen Jingcun technology and ZhengzhouBaojufeng have reached strategic cooperation in overseas purchasing, sales and logistics warehousing in the fields of chips, wafers and other products. Deputy general manager Tian Pengbo signed the contract on behalf of Baojufeng at the service trade fair.

    Relying on the pilot Free Trade Zone, our province is taking the lead in cross-border RMB business innovation, investment and financing and exchange facilitation, logistics finance, cultural finance, science and technology finance, and constantly deepening the project of "introducing money into Henan". Ma Jian, director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said in the promotion that Henan welcomes financial institutions at home and abroad to establish regional management headquarters, regional function centers, backstage service institutions and branches in Henan to carry out financial business such as international settlement and promote the development of financial service trade.

    As a three-level holding subsidiary of Xinggang investment group, a state-owned enterprise subordinate to the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone,Baojufeng will rely on the service trade fair, closely follow the pace of Henan focusing on strengthening modern logistics industry, strengthening modern financial industry, expanding information service industry and improving service trade, so as to further make due contributions to promoting the high-level opening and high-quality development of Henan's service industry.

    Zhao Xin, director of the trade and Finance Department of the head office of the Export-Import Bank of China and his party visited Baojufeng