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    Baojufeng Partners with Globalegrow in International Logistics

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    On July 30, Baojufeng and Globalegrow signed a logistics strategic cooperation agreement in Jianguo Hotel, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park. The parties established a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership on their respective advantages to realize resource sharing and win-win development. Among the attendees were Wang Fei, Director of the Business Bureau of ZAEZ, Zhang Jinjie, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of Xing Gang Investment, Xu Jiadong, Chairman and President of Globalegrow, and Liao Qiong, Chairman of Baojufeng.

    Henan enters into its aviation era since ZAEZ was approved by the State Council in March 2013. ZAEZ has attracted all guests and enterprises from all over the globe since it was approved, with a view to proactively participate in the “Belt and Road” construction, build a great hub, develop a greatlogistics, foster a great industry, and shape a great city, thus exploring a new path for the inland areas of China to expand opening-up and transform development relying on aviation. As a result, we ultimately usher in the industrialization era of aviation.

    Taking Advantage of Aviation Logistics to Help Henan Enterprises Go Global

    As a third-tier subsidiary of Xinshenxin Capital Management Co., Ltd. the financial sector of under ZAEZ Xing Gang Investment Group, Baojufeng is a supply chain import-export and supply chain financial platform that provides all-round services to enterprises in ZAEZ. With the mission of “providing attentive services for the industrialization and internationalization of SMEs”, Baojufeng has grown into a comprehensive global supply chain management enterprise focusing on international logistics, international trade and warehousing services after nearly three years of practice and research.

    Its partner Globalegrow is a subsidiary of KJT.com, the “First a-SHARE Cross-Border E-commerce company. As a leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise, Globalegrow is mainly engaged in self-channel operated cross-border E-commerce and has now attracted over 140 million users on its website represented by Gearbest and ZAFUL, with over 200 tons of commodities shipped to overo 200 countries and regions daily. With a high cost-effective brand made in China, Globalegrow offers high-quality and massive choices to users worldwide. Baojufeng features strong capital strength, international freight transportation qualification and supply chain finance experience, and regards international logistics as its long-term development strategy, while Globalegrow has more than 10 years of cross-border E-commerce experience. As a result, their close cooperation significantly drives the development of cross-border e-commerce industry in Zhengzhou and facilitates the pace to build Zhengzhou a cross-border e-commerce import and export distribution center.

    Complementary Advantages and Close Cooperation to Expand Cross-border E-commerce Coverage

    In recent years, Henan has witnessed great development in cross-border E-commerce industry, with remarkable results achieved. With this cooperation, Baojufeng will further reduce logistics costs and expand its competitive advantage in the international E-commerce market by taking advantage of the outstanding cross-border logistics transshipment capability of Globalegrow and combining the resource advantages of ZAEZ in aviation logistics. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is the beginning of complementary advantages, information sharing and mutually beneficial win-win cooperation between Baojufeng and Globalegrow. The parties will further expand cooperation in international logistics, logistics centers, E-commerce industrial parks and other fields, enrich the cooperation portfolios, and enhance cooperation value. Joining forces with Globalegrow will better promote ZAEZ to play a clustering role in domestic import and export trade, build a logistics distribution center in the central region, make Zhengzhou a platform more suitable for the development and growth of cross-border E-commerce, and help Chinese enterprises and brands to better enter overseas markets.

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